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Strawberry Print, Orange

$60.00 USD

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Strawberries! Possibly the cutest berries around? This print celebrates this sweet fruit to create a happy-go-lucky image to bring sunshine into whatever space it enters. Check out the BLUE variation here.

This print started as a drawing on a piece of linoleum and then was carved out with simple carving tools. A thin layer of ink was rolled on top, paper was registered on to it and then it was run through my 1950's era etching press. Three different linoleum blocks were carved and registered one at a time to create this image. Since it is hand-printed, every print is slightly different. Thank you for supporting this labor of love!

-Dimensions; 11" x 14"

-5 Color Linocut Print

-Easy to frame, standard size print

-Printed on acid-free French Paper 'Index Off-White Kraft' Cardstock Weight (it has a slight yellow undertone)

-Ships unframed

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