C  H  R  I  S  T  I  N  A          b a r t o n i c e k

Having lived in many various places in my life so far, it’s important for me to identify what makes me feel truly at home. There is a consistency in the great outdoors that creates a balance and sense of comfort for me that I can’t find anywhere else. Not only that, but there is an endless stream of inspiration in the natural world. To bring that sense of security and joy of home into other's lives fuels my art practice. Creating positive spaces, while honoring the incredible intricacies of Mother Nature, is my one goal as an artist.

Born in Austria, but with strong roots in the Czech Republic, I am a Printmaker based out of Burlington, VT. My interest lies in combining simplistic patterns, bold colors and the natural world through Print media.


State University of New York at New Paltz                                                                      
Bachelors of Fine Arts in Printmaking 
Dean’s List, 2009-2013 
GPA 3.58


03/2022  Konstrundan-Utställning för Ukraina  Gothenburg, Sweden
12/2019  Winter Showcase  Gainesville, FL
12/2019  OFF THE WALL!  Gainesville, FL
08/2019  Summer Showcase  Gainesville, FL
07/2019  Flora Tropicale  Gainesville, FL
06/2019  Solo Show  Gainesville, FL
05/2019  P.O. Box America  Gainesville, F
04/2019  Objects Printed: Reconsidering the Material World  Denton, TX
02/2019  Saturate  Gainesville, FL
11/2018   Off The Wall: Sweetwater Fairy Tales  Gainesville, FL
10/2018  Creative Community Initiative Group Show  Gainesville, FL
10/2018  Open Door Prints  Gainesville, FL
08/2018  Recurring Rhythm  Gainesville, FL
04/2018  Folk Art  Gainesville, FL
04/2018  A Short History of Male-Pattern Baldness Las Vegas, NV
03/2018  Pattern Placement Gainesville, FL
08/2017  Patterns and Repetition Burlington, VT
09/2017  Art Hop Burlington, VT
09/2016  Art Hop Burlington, VT
06/2016  Art + Soul  Burlington, VT
09/2015  Art Hop Burlington, VT
08/2014  Taking Residence Rochester, NY
06/2014  6x6 Rochester, NY
04/2014  College Collective Rochester, NY
04/2013  Across 3 Lands  New Paltz, NY
11/2012  Wolfbat and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow  New Paltz, NY
09/2012  Clothesline Show  New Paltz, NY
04/2012  Curiosities  New Paltz, NY
03/2011  8th Annual Wood Show  New Paltz, NY


04/2013-present  Independent Artist  Open Door Prints
10/2019-07/2020  Framer & Designer  The Great Frame Up
02/2018-10/2019  Gallery Manager  Somewhere Along The Way Art Gallery
11/2017  Artist-in-Residence  Sparkbox Studio
08/2013-08/2014  Artist-in-Residence  Flower City Arts Center
03/2014 Printer  for Mirko Pylyshenko
09/2013-04/2014  Shop Printer Match  Play Custom Apparel
07/2013  Printer's Assistant  to artist Suzanne Stokes at Women's Studio Workshop
08/2012-05/2013  Skilled Printmaking Technician  SUNY New Paltz


Working out of my own studio in Burlington, VT. I'm a member of the Chicago Printers Guild, Southern Graphics Council International & lifetime member of the Flower City Arts Center.


Member of: Burlington City Arts, Helen Day Arts Center, Sweetwater Print Cooperative, Gainesville Fine Arts Association & Konstnärernas Kollektivverkstad Göteborg.


Member of: Burlington City Arts, Helen Day Arts Center, Sweetwater Print Cooperative, Gainesville Fine Arts Association, Artisans' Guild Gallery & Konstnärernas Kollektivverkstad Göteborg.

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