The Printmaking Process

Linocuts, The Process- a short film I created to show my printmaking process.

Printmaking is the process of creating multiples. The work I create is mostly a relief type of printmaking, which I do in linoleum. These prints are commonly known as linocuts. 

 The linocut process is a long one which has multiples steps and begins with a drawing in my sketchbook. I transfer this drawing, typically using carbon paper, on to an artist-grade linoleum. Next, I carve into the block using very simple carving tools, similar to the ones you would use in woodcarving.  

Next up, I head to my ink slab- a large pane of glass. There, I roll out my special printmaking ink using a brayer. The brayer allows me to roll a thin layer of ink onto my carving, which will eventually be transferred to paper.

Once the entire top surface of my carving, or block, is inked up, I place it on to the bed of my 1950's etching press. A piece of printmaking paper is registered and placed atop the block. The printing process is about to begin. 

The press is set up to create a great amount of even pressure. As I roll the bed of the press under the top cylinder, it creates the impression of the block onto the paper. When it comes out on the other end, the paper is lifted and a print is born! 

For each print and each color, this process repeated until the edition is complete! Though I strive for perfection, each print is completely unique.

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