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Rhododendron Print, Lavender

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This spring, I feel like I saw Rhododendrons for the first time. I've always seen them around, but the presence they hold when they open their blooms, truly floored me. I knew I had to make a print of them with a halo, because holy WOW. It seems miraculous when they are in full bloom.

This print started as a drawing on a piece of linoleum and then was carved out with simple carving tools. A thin layer of ink was rolled on top, paper was registered on to it and then it was printed by hand with a barren. Since it is hand-printed, every print is slightly different. Thank you for supporting this labor of love!

-Dimensions; 8.3" x 11.7" - A4 size

-6 Color Linocut Print

-Easy to frame, I highly recommend a mat of at least 1"-3" around it

-Delicate acid-free Japanese rice paper

-Ships unframed

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