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Bur Oak I Print

$25.00 USD

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This monotype was hand-printed on Lightweight Rives BFK paper using a mechanic etching printing press. The image was created by inking up live Bur Oak Leaves in order to create the impression on paper. Each print is unique, so please expect to see some slight variation with every print. I can only get 2 or 3 prints of each leaf, once it is inked up, so this is truly a limited-edition print!

This print pairs well with the 'Bur Oak I Ghost Print' and the 'Bur Oak I Silhouette Print' as a sweet little triptych, or just 2 of them as a diptych.

-Dimensions; 6" x 8"

-Limited Edition of 1


-Ships unframed in eco-friendly packaging

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